Mayor / Council

Gibbon is a City of the Second Class and has a Mayor-City Council form of government. The Mayor and four Council members are all elected to serve four year terms. The City Administrator, City Clerk/Treasurer and Utility Clerk are each appointed to one year terms. In addition, Gibbon has a five-member Planning Commission, each Commissioner is appointed to a four-year term.

 VanMatre Deb VanMatre
Email: gibboncityhall-mayor@nctc.netPhone: (308) 468-5875
 Clevenger Derrick Clevenger
Ward 1
Email:  derrick1clevenger@gmail.comPhone: (308) 440-8292
 leon_stall Leon Stall
Ward 1
Email: mrstall@mrstall.comPhone: (308) 440-4975
Robert Krier
Ward 2
Email: bkrier68@gmail.comPhone: (308) 216-1758
Jeff Burmood Jeff Burmood
Ward 2
Email:  burmoodpropertycare@gmail.comPhone: (308) 440-9179