City Information

City of Gibbon Brochure
City of Gibbon Code of Ordinances
Portal to American Legal Publishing Site
Comprehensive Plan
Employment Application
Strategic Planning


All-Terrain Vehicle Application
Animal Permit
Building Permit
Change of Zoning
Curb Cutting Permit
Discontinue Service
Fence Permit
Flood Plain Permit
FOIA Request Form
Future Agenda Item
Golf Registration
Large Dumpster Use Permit
Lot Split Application
Paperless Billing and Direct Withdraw
Park Use Form
Sign Permit
Start New Service
Swimming Pool Party Form
Swimming Pool Passes
Swimming Pool Swim Lessons


2024-1-15 Planning Commission Minutes
2024-1-16 Council Minutes

Public Works & Waste Water

City of Gibbon Noncompliance Report Form
Water Quality Report 2023
Water Quality Report 2022

Volunteer / Leadership Opportunities

Application for City Boards and Commissions
Volunteer & Leadership Ops
City wide Opportunities Available in Gibbon, NE

Zoning & Development

Blight & Substandard Development Plan (Area 1)
Blight & Substandard Development Plan (Area 2)
Subdivision Regulations
Zoning Regulations
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