Community Development Block Grant Funds

November 22, 2023

Gibbon City Hall Secures NDED CDBG Planning Grant, Ignites Community Growth 

Gibbon, 11/20/2023 - Gibbon City Hall proudly announces the successful receipt of a transformative grant from the Nebraska Department of Economic Development Community Development Block Grant (NDED CDBG) aimed at fueling the town’s comprehensive development strategy. 

This grant marks a significant milestone in Gibbon’s journey toward a vibrant and sustainable future. While the pursuit of growth is central to our vision, we emphasize that growth transcends mere population statistics. Our focus remains steadfast on elevating the quality of life and enhancing the fabric of our community. 

Mayor VanMatre expressed enthusiasm, stating, “This grant represents more than just financial support; it embodies a commitment to our long-term vision. We envision a Gibbon that thrives in its own unique way, fostering a resilient and prosperous environment for all.” 

Growth, in the context of Gibbon, signifies progress in various dimensions—economic revitalization, infrastructural enhancements, and community well-being. “We’re not just rebuilding; we’re building back better,” City Administrator Smallcomb stated, emphasizing the community’s commitment to enhancing existing resources and fostering sustainable development practices. 

Over the past few years, Gibbon has experienced a surge of momentum, driving us forward toward an exciting tomorrow. This injection of support from the NDED CDBG further amplifies that momentum, propelling us into a future that holds promise and opportunity.  

As Gibbon embarks on this transformative journey, the City of Gibbon extends its gratitude to the NDED for their partnership and confidence in our community’s potential. Together, we are shaping Gibbon’s destiny, laying the foundation for a resilient, vibrant, and thriving future.

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