Heritage Center

Gibbon Heritage Center

Heritage Center Building

The Gibbon Heritage Center is responsible for the collection and preservation of artifacts, documents, records and printed materials relating to the history of Gibbon and the surrounding area.

These items are housed in the Gibbon Heritage Center museum. The public can come to the museum to learn about the history of Gibbon and the surrounding area.

The Gibbon Heritage Center is located at 2nd and Court Street. It is open the first Sunday during the months of April through October from 2 to 4 p.m., or by appointment by contacting a board member.

The Gibbon Heritage Center Foundation is a 501(c)(3) corporation which supports the Gibbon Heritage Center.  Donations may be sent to the Gibbon Heritage Center Foundation at PO Box 543, Gibbon, Nebraska 68840.

GPS Location: Heritage Center

Board Members

  • Jean Widdowsson (308) 216-0095
  • Susan Webster (308) 468-6498
  • Lee Power (308) 468-5363
  • Kevin McGregor (308) 468-6262
  • Tom Baxter (308) 627-0026
  • Dan Clevenger (308) 216-0184
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